Monday, July 6, 2009

Making a Dent

I've read quite a few books since my last post. As noted, I received books from interlibrary loan. That was a good experience. I requested 3 and got all 3 within a couple weeks. The downside to it was the cost- $2.60 per book. I guess it's better than buying in the store.

On vacation, I read The Senator's Wife by Sue Miller. I heard about it here.

Then, I started Deadline by Chris Crutcher. This book is on the 2010 high school Sequoyah masterlist. I read all the middle school and high school Sequoyah nominees so I can make recommendations to students. Wow, this book is thought provoking! Well, anything by Chris Crutcher will make you stop and think. Basic plot is an 18 year old senior finds out he has a deadly form of cancer and refuses treatment. He also decides not to tell his family. His family doctor is not legally allowed to tell the family, either. The story that unfolds is about how this kid, who knows his life is short, makes the most of his senior year. It's a tear jerker like none other. But, I think our older teenagers could really pick up on the lessons here. What really makes life important, making decisions, etc.

I then moved to The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. This book is seriously weird! I really didn't care for it but it is freaky in a way that junior kids will love it. No vampires, just people called the Unconsecrated.

Wintergirls is my latest read. It is by Laurie Halse Anderson, one of my favorite authors. In true Anderson fashion, the book is loaded with figurative language and imagery. I am writing down quotes to use for teaching next year. The subject matter is scary and emotionally wrenching. It deals with anorexia and cutting, two habits common among our teenage girls (and some boys). I really liked the writing style despite the disturbing material. It will be VERY popular in my junior high when our library gets a copy!

So, the summer reading list is getting shorter. Has anyone read a good book lately?

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Julie said...

Ok, Amy, you bookworm blog is now marked as one of my favorites...thanks for directing me here!