Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reading Update

Update: I finished the books from my last post. Multiple Blessings was a quick read- 2 days tops. I waded through the Danielle Steel book. It had a different twist than her other books but still had that adult book feel. I am so used to young adult books that I have a hard time with adult books with complex plot and descriptive detail.

I used interlibrary loan for some of the titles on my summer reading list. I haven't done that since college when I needed articles for a research paper. We'll see how it goes. I only requested 3 since I was afraid I'd get them all at once and have to speed read.

We're leaving on vacation next week so I'll be scouring our public library to find a few for the road. I love road trip reading!


Joan said...

I just finished "The Doctor's Wife". It was a fast read and really good. You're more than welcome to borrow it. =)

Trace and Sarah said...

Amy - I could not put down "My Sister's Keeper", SO GOOD! I agree there is no way the movie can measure up.