Monday, August 10, 2009

Caldecott Winners

I've decided to begin collecting a copy of each Caldecott winner for my children and future grandchildren. When I looked at the list, I discovered I already had a few. Some were gifts, others were found in tiny book stores. I don't care about hardback copies; paperback works just as well. Many of these are not considered "popular" but have timeless characteristics that carry them through generations. Read what the Caldecott Medal is all about here.

Here's the list: 1938-present

Well, I thought I could copy and paste the list, but I couldn't so go to the link to see the complete list. I have Where the Wild Things Are, Lon Po-Po, Officer Buckle and Gloria, and Fables.

I can't wait to start ebaying and thrift store searching for other titles! If you know any cheap resources, let me know. I'm not sure if any are out of print...must check Amazon.

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Joan said...

1967 ~ "Sam, Bangs, and Moonshine" one of my very favorite.

Check Powells Bookstore online. They have a lot of used books.